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Hard Rock Hotels - Tracks Volume 14

Presented by Hard Rock Hotels & Casinos


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  •   01

    Beach Day

    Beach Day

    "Beach Day specializes in a beachy, garage-minded breed of girl-group pop. Indeed, this wellspring goes back about 50 years, and lots of young acts are reviving it now, but this band's interpretation is so natural and incandescent that they make it feel completely fresh again. They have all the romantic nostalgia that you want from this fare but with just enough garage grit to be au courant. But their universal virtue is their rare melodic gift. Most of their ilk simply don't have the stunningly easygoing songwriting instinct that Beach Day does. And that's the difference. It's basic but it's everything. It's why all their songs sound like singles. Moreover, singer Kimmy Drake has the true voice of a girl-group leading lady, something like a young, white Ronnie Spector raised on punk."
    ~ Orlando Weekly- Bau Le Hu
  •   02

    Hockey Dad

    Can't Have Them

    Hockey Dad is Zach Stephenson & Billy Fleming, two childhood sweethearts who met when Billy dropped in on Zach surfing the point, at the tender age of 4. One day, after a few finger paintings and their daily nap, Billy & Zach made a pact to become the greatest band… out of Windang (Australia).

    Fast forward a few years (about 15) and the boys still have their afternoon nap, only now it’s after surfs or jams, and often both. Combining their passion for the ocean with a love for garage and old school 60’s surf tunes, Hockey Dad writes some catchy as f*&k surf pop hits which they are ready to share with everyone outside their hometown.
  •   03

    Magic Wands


    Chris & Dexy Valentine of Magic Wands are back with their highly anticipated second album Jupiter out on Cleopatra Records Feb 26th 2016. You may know them from their infectious single Black Magic from their debut album Aloha Moon featuring Space which was praised by Spin magazine as “a sexy and propulsive stunner” and earned the band opening slots for The Kills, The Horrors, The Breeders, The Jesus and Marychain, The Black Keys and more.

    The band returns with a bigger even dreamier sound with their most ambitious album to date, self-produced & featuring more cosmic layered guitar tracks, swirling pop vocals, and driving uptempo beats. The band expanded from an electronic duo and are now joined by new band members Tommy Alexander on bass & Keith Crutchfield on drums.

    "['"Heartbeat"] is a five-minute dream pop tidal wave kept aloft by a snaking post-punk bassline, with vocalist Dexy Valentine coasting above it all with serene cool."

    "Mixing elements of gothy postpunk and ethereal psych (with no shortage of hooks), their sound might best be described as "witchy."

    "Featuring many first takes of drums, guitars, and bass, [Jupiter] marks a shift in Magic Wands' sound, but one that exemplifies the band's musical growth and confidence."

    Los Angeles duo Magic Wands share their highly anticipated new LP 'Jupiter' this week. You can stream the album in full on Brooklyn Vegan who says; "Mixing elements of gothy postpunk and ethereal psych (with no shortage of hooks), their sound might best be described as "witchy.”
  •   04



    Fitting into a year what most bands achieve in three, it’s hard to believe Splashh are still only at the beginning of their journey. Formed in early 2012 after New Zealand-born frontman Sasha Carlson and Australian guitarist Toto Vivian left the shores of the Southern Hemisphere for the grey skies of East London, they immediately turned heads with their distinctive sound – a tropical, tripped out take on swirling psych-garage, doused with insouciance, vitamin D and dizzying kaleidoscopics.

    Joined by Englishman Tom Beal on bass, they completed their line-up in a move typical of the band’s spontaneous, carefree attitude, flying Jacob Moore over from Auckland just days before their first gig. Since then, they’ve gone from strength to strength, gaining a cult following off the back of their incendiary live shows whilst consistently pushing things forward with a series of acclaimed singles. 12 months on from their unassuming inception, Splashh are ready to shake off their underdog status, with the help of their debut album Comfort. Entirely self-produced and made within the confines of their bedrooms, it’s DIY to its very core; a record that proves sometimes raw talent – not fancy studios or big name producers – is all you really need.
  •   05

    Surfer Blood

    Matter of Time

    SURFER BLOOD are one of the best young indie-rock bands around, and their fourth album, Snowdonia, is their most ambitious effort yet. Overcoming adversity, the band has artistically grown and thrived. Following the departure of bassist Kevin Williams and guitarist Thomas Fekete (tragically lost to cancer in May), singer/guitarist John Paul Pitts and drummer Tyler Schwarz have rebuilt a talented line-up with guitarist Michael McCleary and bassist Lindsey Mills, all four alumni of the same high school in West Palm Beach, Florida.
  •   06



    SWIMM makes music with the concepts of weightlessness and fluidity as the common elements in their genre-blurred sound. Deciding against the status quo of practicing apathy, SWIMM pours every bit of themselves into their music. They recently moved from Florida to LA and have been throwing DIY shows that have built a reputation for ending in sweaty, mylar twirling dance parties.
  •   07

    The Dead Ships

    Big Quiet

    A lot has happened for LA Weekly’s Best Band of 2016 - The Dead Ships - in the short time that they’ve been together.

    Within a couple of months after singer/guitarist Devin McCluskey and drummer Chris Spindelilus started jamming in the latter’s apartment, the soulful garage rock duo were playing sold out shows at The Echo in their native Los Angeles and at San Francisco’s Bottom Of The Hill.

    They quickly became the most talked-about live show in L.A., picking up airplay on radio giant KROQ where their song ‘Big Quiet’ spent five weeks in the number one slot on the station’s star-making Locals Only show. The band was hand-picked by Goldenvoice to perform at Coachella 2016, where they won over the crowd with their punchy hooks and wiry on-stage energy.

    Now, it’s time for the world to really get to know The Dead Ships as they celebrate the release of their debut full-length album CITYCIDE. Produced by Broken Social Scene’s Brendan Canning, the now-trio with Alex Moore on bass put together a firey collection of songs that showcase McCluskey’s engaging yowl and an unrelenting drive that refuses to let up on the gas pedal until the last notes of album closer ‘Tomorrow’s Crashes’ fade away.

    The band kicked off 2016 with a sold-out tour of the U.S. opening for Les Butcherettes and stopping by SXSW before their triumph at Coachella. This was followed up with a string of dates with The Cult and Summer festival slots. For the immediate future, expect more touring and a follow up LP.
  •   08

    The Gloomies

    Bleached Out

    Following 2015 debut single “LSD,” The Gloomies are proud to announce the release of their first EP. The Blackout EP finds the band in a very different state of mind, trading the sun-dappled Southern California beaches for the vast, barren expanses of the desert. Lead single “Bleached Out” perfectly captures the band’s newfound spirit—as ominously emblematic of the old West as tumbleweeds at dusk or a shuttered saloon at the edge of a ghost town. “A lot of friends who heard ‘LSD’ first might be surprised by Blackout,” explains lead singer Andy Craig. “But it was important to me that these songs come out now and together on this record. It felt right.” Since the release of “LSD,” The Gloomies have shared the stage with Hinds, Public Access TV, Day Wave, and completed a month-long residency at the Soda Bar in San Diego.
  •   09

    The Lucy Ring

    Make It Rain

    The Lucy Ring is a band currently out of Southern California after transplanting from Brooklyn, NY. The band’s debut self-titled EP was released on October 28th, 2016 on Yellow Year Records, and was produced by Charlotte Kemp Muhl, co-founder of The GOASTT.
  •   10

    We The Kings

    Jenny's Song

    We the Kings led by Travis Clark along with Hunter Thomsen, Danny Duncan, Charles Trippy, and Coley O’Toole debuted in 2007. This group of high school friends hail from Bradenton, Florida, and are no strangers to the pop/rock scene. Their Top 40 hits “Check Yes Juliet” and “Say You Like Me” were certified Platinum & Gold respectively. Their 2017 single “Sad Song” is a viral sensation, amassing an astounding 60 million views on YouTube and has become their most streamed track ever on Spotify.